Ali Lancrae

Porn Name: Ali Lancrae
Rez Day: 03/14/2010
Sizes 36DD-23-38
Country: USA
Status: Single
Hottie Status: President / CO / Legend


 I first came into the Second Life porn world by accident.. I mean I didn't plan it and mount an assault to join and climb the porn ladder.

I had worked in the adult side of SL since shortly after I joined, first pole and lap dancing to earn money.  I then moved quickly into hosting club and private group events and owning my own clubs.  Along the way I was asked to promote and host events at Sensations Mansion, a beautiful sim owned by Evinae Quivers, a successful porn star, film maker, studio owner and a Hoobs Hottie.  Most of our visitors at the Mansion were porn people and I got to know many of them, befriending some who remain good friends of mine to this day.

It was a short leap to actively join the porn community as a model.  My first brilliant move was to just hope that someone would want to take a picture of me and publish it somewhere.  Beyond that I dreamed of getting a small part in a film in maybe my second year.  I knew from having been around the scene that it wasn't just an easy thing to get started and I braced for a long struggle.

I joined the two bigger groups that I saw, * SL PORN * and The Sexiest : Pornstars.  Watching the group chats and the group notices to learn who was who and to see what people were publishing.  I also learned when and where the parties were held.  I started going to parties and joining the local chat, dancing, catching up with old friends and making new friends.. and having fun!

I already had an empty Flickr account that I had created just to view other people's photos.  I needed photos!  *Gasp!*  Lucky for me I had promoted all those adult events in the past, because for each notice I had sent, I attached a sexy pic of myself dressed in the event themes.  I just used those photos to get my Flickr page started.  They were amateur selfies really, but they were good enough to get my Flickr on the map.

The porn blogs have pages devoted to how to start out in porn and I read those and followed them like a road map.  You can see them here:

Soon enough some photographers asked me to pose and I started getting followers on Flickr.  I also followed all the people I met and faved the pics that I liked and made comments on Flickr photos and in group chats when I saw nice pics, complimenting the artists and models.  People started faving and commenting on my photos and modeling pics and gosh dammit, this was getting to be fun!

Emily co-starred me in a film for which I won awards and that led to more film roles.  I honed my photography skills by shooting the official porn parties, editing and posting TONS of party photos on my Flickr page.  Soon I was asked to blog my party pics on the Sexiest blog and to shoot and write pictorials that featured different pornstars for SL Porn blog.  What the hell, I started my own blog - Porn Star Confidential!

By then I was completely immersed in porn and I never looked back. Now I'm a producer, photographer, model, actress, blogger and the Hotties VP and I love it all!



2015 The Sexiest Newcomer - Photography Nomination
2015 The Sexiest Photographer Nomination
2015 The Sexiest Newcomer - Film Nomination
2015 The Sexiest Actress - Film Nomination

2015 SL Porn Star Award - Ensemble of the Year
2015 SL Porn Star Award - Pussy of the Year
2015 SL Porn Star Award - Movie of the Year
2015 SL Porn Star Award - Supporting Actress of the Year

2016 SL Porn Star Award - Ensemble of the Year
2016 SL Porn Star Award - Breast of the Year
2016 SL Porn Star Award - Movie of the Year
2016 SL Porn Star Award - Supporting Actress of the Year

38 total nominations; 8 awards.

Super special thanks to all the talented people I have had the honor and pleasure to work with on photos and in films! ♥




~SL~ Connoisseur