Porn Name: Anyka Aiséirí (Camron McMahon)
Rez Day: 03/25/2007
Sizes :34D-24-36
Country: U.S.
Status: Partnered, with open relationship
Became a Hottie: November 2017


    I pretty much started doing erotic photography in my first months in SL. I was a member of a couple of RP groups, including sims based on Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty Series and Pauline Reage's The Story of O. I would take photo of RP scenes and post them in the group forums, share them with friends, and occasionally get a commission or two. Around 2011 a friend who had done some nude modeling and appeared in a couple of porn videos suggested my photography might be appreciated in the porn community. I started a Flickr account, uploaded some of my better pieces, and went to a couple of parties. However, I decided it was not for me and stepped away to focus on a couple of sci-fi RP sims where I administrated.

    A couple of years later I had an odd IM conversation with a gentleman who wished to compliment my avatar. I looked in his profile and noticed he was a member of Sexiest and the SLPorn groups that I had left years before. He said I reminded him a little of Justine Joli. Having no idea who Justine Joli was I Googled her, and ,of course, she was a pornstar. I decided after a little thought to re-join those groups and jump back in with both feet.

    This time around in porn has been a much better experience. I have collected a nice following for my photography, enjoyed opportunities to be in several movie projects, and learned to make movies of my own. But most importantly I have made friendships many wonderfully talented people who have been my cheering section and have helped me push my skills far beyond anything I could have imagined just a few years ago.




2017 SL Porn Group Movie Awards
Nominee for Favorite Movie , Medium Form (Pony)
Nominee for Favorite Director, Medium Form (Pony)
Nominee for Favorite Movie Editing (Pony)
Nominee for Favorite Special Effects

 2016 Porn Star Awards:
 Nominee for Best Actress
 Nominee for Best Ensemble (Stepford Sluts, If Girls Picked up guys, Intergalactic SLUTS)
Nominee for Best Sex Scene (Librarian Romp)
Nominee for Best Supporting Actress
Nominee for Best Oral Sex Scene (Intergalactic SLUTS Ep.1, Librarian Romp)
Nominee for Best Orgasm (Librarian Romp)
Nominee for Best Butt

2015 Porn Star Awards: 
Nominee for Best Actress
Nominee for Best Supporting Actress
Nominee for Best Pussy
Nominee for Best Ensemble Cast (Legs Wide Spread)


"Intergalactic S.L.U.T.S."

"Intergalactic SLUTS" Season 2: