Occasus Vlodovic

Porn Name:  Occasus Vlodovic(Legacy name is Occasus Jayaram)
Rez Day: May 17th, 2008
Sizes: So as far as my size goes, I'm not really sure...I have an ass you could set your plate on...think Kim Kardashian multiplied by 10! On the slider, it's positioned at 90, so it honestly can't go much bigger!
My breast size is nearly as ample as my booty! It's a 75 on the slider!  If you like curves, then I'm your girl!
Country: USA...NYC for life!
Status: Single


Hey everyone!  I'm Occasus, but most people just call me O for short...it's much easier to type and pronounce!  I've been in SL for almost 9 years now, but only really involved in the porn industry for about a year or so now.  I came to SL to learn about BDSM because at the time I wasn't comfortable with exploring it in RL.  So for the first couple of years of SL, I spent my time RPing in various relationships.

Eventually I picked up a pixel camera and found a joy in capturing the souls of avatars and I began to take photographs of myself and clothes that I was wearing.  I found my way into the vanilla fashion scene in SL.  I went to a few schools, joined a few agencies, entered some contests and worked my way through the business.  While I enjoyed some success there, I wasn't truly happy.  I love RP and sex.  I love being curvy and on the shorter side.  There's not a whole lot of room for that in the SL fashion scene.

So to make a long story short, I took a year long break from SL and returned in early 2016.  I came back to SL and came back on my terms.  I joined the various adult/porn groups, and got busy taking photos of myself getting busy!  I was inspired to start an adult magazine named kinkSTYLE Magazine centered around kink and fashion in SL and we've recently released our third issue.

Right now, I just enjoy making a name for myself, spending time with my husband Kane Daffyd who runs Pixel Sin.  We are looking to expand that into a joint company called K.O. Productions.  I also really enjoy meeting new people and adult models who come out and work for the magazine.  Life is good when you do it your way!



kinkSTYLE Magazine ran by Occasus