Dark Angel

Porn Name (sl name): Darkangel O'Leary
Rez Day: 10 years 11 months; 3988 days
Sizes:  3DD-28-35
Country: United States
Status: Married to Logan O'Leary
Became a Hottie: August 2017


I been in Sl 10 years Pretty much Born and R/p'd i in Hard Alley..  when i met Logan and he told me he did Porn which got me interested But didn't think i could . So i was a dancer and Escort and Escort Manager.Stripper and Dancer at Dragon's Lair then Darkangel's club and a couple others ,  i did a picture Movie Porn for Willow Oaskan. later i joined a model agency Id rather not give  Bit it got my courage level up and learned some of the basics in modeling .I always liked to do nudes
I also did a magazine cover for Cumslut Magazine.But .the more Logan talked about Porn shoot the more fun it sounded so i decided to try it and met some wonderful people and some i haven't got a chance to work with. i haven't done a movie yet  but hope to one day..That was my first of getting into porn.



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