Kisses Karu

Porn Name: Kisses Karu
Rez Day: 05/23/2008
Sizes: 40-26-38
Country: Canada
Status: Single
Hottie Status: 2017 Hottie of the Year / September 2017 Hottie of the Month


Earlier this year I was approached by a very nice lady, we will call her Ali.  We talked a bit and she complimented my avie and my pictures.  Little did I know at this time she was vetting me to be a Hoobs Hottie.  I was told to think about it and was told if I was interested to let her know..  I was very excited someone noticed my pictures and that I have spent alot of time on my avatar.  I said YES and its been up hill ever since.
Being a Hottie has opened the door for me in the adult industry and erotic modeling industry. I have met so many amazing people who I now call my friends.  It is true in every part of Secondlife there is drama, rumors and the occasional argument but let me tell you this its worth it.  When I was told I was nominated for Hottie of the Month I had mixed feelings I was excited and honored but I had to run against two friends. Winning this title was awesome but wished we all could have won.
I was told as Hottie of the Month I would be up for Hottie of the Year at the end fo the year.  I was happy but very nervous not only was I against the best looking women in the adult industry but in Secondlife.  if you ask my friends they will tell you I really didnt think I had a chance.  I made it through the  process and made it to top 3.  I couldnt believe it TOP 3 .  I had the I am just so happy to be nominated speech down pat .  I was happy to take 3rd.... well awards night came and lets not kid ourselves I was nervous so nervous I dressed the night before just to be ready.  I entered and went through the red carpet and still it didnt click in I had a chance.  My other two Hottie sisters are not only beautiful but well know in the industry and accomplished in so many ways.  .  I sat there waiting and maybe i was only 10 minutes but seemed like hours.  The announcement came and it was my name that was called.  I was still was in shock .. So now you see I do have the title of Hottie of the Year but let me tell you every one of the Hotties are amazing and deserve this award.   A little competition never hurt anyone but I do hope that they all know that sisters are forever and the Hotties are my sisters.  Thank you for voting for me as your Hottie of the Year  your votes for me were just a part of what makes me smile, its also the sisterhood that comes with those votes.  Love you all and to the next hottie nominated its an honor to hold this title and its just a start of a whole new experience.





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