Porn Name:Moonie
Rez Day: Original Sept 12th 2008
Sizes: idk perfect with Curves in all the right places
Country: USA
Status: SINGLE
Became a Hottie: Hottie Legend

 I am the Original Dirty Little Girl of the SL Porn Community, a Pornstar Legend at least that's what I've been told. I'm an Erotic arts Photographer and Porn Director besides an Actress. I've been in more Sl porn movies over the last almost 7 yrs that I've lost count, I love to play, have fun, and I like to get down right dirty.  I think I'm a pretty damn good photographer seeing angles others don't and I'm a pretty fucking awesome DJ I've been doing it for 9 yrs, I also make poses for the curvier girls of SL, my store's name is ****Dirty Little Girl Poses**** I'm fun, spacey, outgoing, always laughing I'm a smart ass through and through I'm honest as fuck without a filter most of the time who knows the difference between constructive criticism and just being a bitch, I'm easy going with my heart on my sleeve, I'm not a snob although my spaciness makes it seem I am, I'm easy to approach and to talk to



Sexiest Group Scene, Sexiest Anal 


Attention, ~SL~ Connoisseur, Busted