Pri Balogh

Porn Name: Priscila Balogh
Rez Day: 02/12/2007
Sizes: 32DD - 41- 42
Country: Brazil
Status: Partnered, with open relationship
Hottie Status: Hottie Legend


My name is Priscila Balogh, but many know me for "Miss Balogh". I'm a Brazilian pornographic actress. I started my career in 2009, with 3 years of second life.

My first scene was in the movie "Pussy Raiders," filmed in 2009 by Ruff Brocco. I worked on several interracial films. I was the cover of 3 magazines and I worked in 40 films. A lot of these movies went out of the catalog, when many directors left the site Naughymachimina.

I started in the porn world by accident. I had a job that paid very well, but I wanted very much to be a famous model. Once a friend introduced me to a producer looking for inexperienced models. He told me that he could make me a successful model, and showed me the couch in his office. I thought I would become a model, but I became a pornstar instead.


Slut of the Year 2010
Lifetime Achievement Awards 2017